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Commercial rentals

Our Budapest based office is specialized to rent out properties.

We are dealing with board range of places, from apartments, to garages, business offices.

Administration, from begining, until signing a contract is efficient and smooth with us.

We believe in huge emphasis on our clients needs, and being fluent speekers in different foreign languages, is the key for quality service.

Are you looking to rent your place for up to date market price?

For a reliable tenant, with references?

In realtively short period of time?

Take those needs into account all the time.

Nowadays sourcing references is a must, tenants should provide various ones, such as employer, previous landlord, and if we find it necessary bank statements as well, to make sure we find the most desirable candidate for you.

Of course your opinion always gets priority, we rather wanted to work together with you.

We’ll be here to give advice to any questions, but the final decision is always be in your hand without a doubt.

Our legal adviser is helping us with all aspects, setting unique up-to-date contracts, and also aware of current property tax questions.

At the minute we are able to offer fixed or percent based commission, of course only after a successful deal.

For more information please click on contact, or email us.